Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My half of the Layout for Challenge 13

Here is my half of the 2-page layout for Challenge 13 along with the requirements for this page and the materials used and my journaling (in case you can't read it).

Use exactly 3 papers, 1 must be in a shape
Use exactly 3 photos, 1 must be B & W
Use exactly 3 flowers
Use exactly 2 strings/ribbons
Use exactly 2 staples
Journal at least 5 sentences (must include the word love)
Materials Used:
3 Papers: Background - Juno_adsrcollab_solid_05; Torn corner paper - janny_adsrkit_pp2; Circle shaped paper – Juno_adsrcollab_solid_04 -
3 Flowers: Top flower - lriordan_adsr_floral (cut from paper) - orange w. green leaves - lriordan_adsr_flower; red flower - nscott_flower.
Frame - stierney_ES_ADSR_frame (flower on frame is part of frame element)
Journaling Tag: stierney_ES_ADSR_tag 3.
2 Staples: mturnidge_adsr_staple
2 Ribbons (both): nscott_ribbon and nscott_riibbon2
Journaling reads:
We are cousins by blood, born just 6 weeks apart, our fathers gone to war.
Our mothers waited together, supported each other, hoping for our fathers to return safely.
After the war, we lived across the cornfield from each other, sharing school rooms & playtime.
Now in our retirement years, we are still best friends, keepers of each others’ secrets.
The love we share is more cousins, more than many sisters - we are Sisters in our Hearts

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Challenge 13

The folks at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking through in a surprise 13th challenge on Friday the 13th. For this challenge, we had to work together as a team to create a single two-page layout, with each of us creating one half. Because you are each completing your own half of a two-page layout, there is no And because diversity is intersecting with Valentines Day in the ADSR Zone, our challenge was to create a two-page layout about the diversity of love.

We had to collaborate on our two-page layout and it had to coordinate. Both the overall design and color scheme/kit must coordinate.

Page Requirements:

Left Page:
Use exactly 3 papers1 must be in a shapeUse exactly 3 photos
1 must be B & W
Use exactly 3 flowers
Use exactly 2 strings/ ribbons
Use exactly 2 staples
You may use other embellishments as needed, as long as they are not flowers, strings, ribbons, staples, papers or photos.

Journal at least 5 sentences (must include the word love).

Right Page:
Use at least 4 papers
1 must be a print, all others must be plain
Use exactly 2 photos
Crop 1 photo into a shape
Use exactly 3 staples
Use only 1 flower
Use only 1 string/ ribbon
Use exactly 1 frame
Use exactly 1 alpha

journal at least 5 sentences (must include the words heart and diverse, or diversity).

We could not use any other embellishments or items on your page.

Judy did the left side and I did the right side. We met at Judy's house Saturday afternoon to finalize our layouts and post them as one. Here is my right hand side and I'll let Judy post hers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Challenge 12

I forgot to post our layout for challenge 12. It was sponsored by {we are} storytellers and was an intersection, meaning Judy and I had to collaborate on one project. Here's the nitty gritty of this challenge: create a layout that expresses what storytelling means to each of us. Why did we each choose this form (scrapbooking in general and/or digital specifically) to tell our stories? Why is storytelling important? How do we feel about storytelling (is it a creative outlet, way to express your words, document your family's experiences, etc.) Why are we a storyteller? (We didn't have to answer all these questions, they were just food for thought and to give us an idea as to what we are looking for.)

Our story must include:

  • {we are} storytellers word-art, which was provided by the host site. We could alter the word-art if we wanted
  • At least 1/2 of the layout must be journaling, more the better
  • At least 5 elements/embellishements
  • No more than 2 pieces of paper
  • Only 2 small photos, 1 of each of us, placed in the bottom right hand area of our page.

Debbie did the actual layout and Judy did the journaling and provided the journaling paper. While working on this layout, Debbie provided Judy several different layouts for her input and she provided guidance and suggestions on the final layout.

Journaling reads:

There is a huge tradition of story-telling from my mother’s side of my family and manifested in me. As a kid, I used to sit quietly under the kitchen table while my mom and her sisters and sisters-in-law told stories about growing up in the 1920s and 1930s. My blog is “Family Stories and More.” I create layouts to go with the stories.

Debbie has never considered herself a storyteller. She scraps to save the photos for others to enjoy – the journaling has always been secondary to the pictures. Even though she does not consider herself a storyteller, she is the family historian, collecting data and entering it into her database which in turn, prints out a narrative listing the information collected. Her approach to journaling is more in line with Sergeant Joe Friday of 1950s “Dragnet” fame: “Just the facts, Madame, just the facts.”

Where we come together is in the joy of digital scrapping. Our reasons are similar for choosing digital scrapping: our pictures are already in digital format on our computers; we don’t have to make a mess with all the traditional scrapbooking supplies; digital scrapping is more mobile; and we both love technology. In digital scrapping, we have found a way to satisfy us both in spite of our differing strengths. Those differences have served us well during ADSR4 and we plan to continue working together for ADSR5!

  1. {we are} storytellers word art from We are Storytellers
  2. Verena Karolyi Designs Beaute Feminine Kit: papers 1 (brown) and 2 (pink floral); vka_beaute_feminine_leave02 (used twice); vka_beaute_feminine_frame04; vka_beaute_feminine_flower01 (once); vka_beaute_feminine_flower03 (used twice); vka_beaute_feminine_ribbon_wrap01; vka_beaute_feminine_butterfly2
  3. Jesse Edwards journaling paper
  4. Fonts: Verdana and Old Century

Monday, February 9, 2009

Challenge 11 - Question

All materials from "Roses in Twilight" kit by Linda Rechtin of Digital Scrapbook Place.

Reason for this question will be posted on my blog.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Challenge 11

Can't believe this race is almost done. The 11th stop on the Amazing Digital Scrapping Race was at Scrap Orchard. The challenge was if I could ask any one person (dead or alive; family, friend, famous or foe) one question, who \would it be and what would I ask them? The layout can have only ONE photo. The photo must either be of the person to whom you are posing the question OR must represent the question you are asking, and I had to include my question in the layout and the question could be the ONLY words/journaling on your layout.

Because I consider myself the family historian/genealogist, I went with a question we should all be asking our elders and/or scrapping about ourselves. Here is my layout:


Karen Lewis: Layered template--jn|01

Doreen Stolz: You are so beautiful kit (March 2008)

Font: Monotype Corsiva

Friday, February 6, 2009

Challenge 10 - Interview

Challenge was another "Roadblock" which means that only one of us had to actually produce a LO for the Challenge and it had to be the team mate who sat out the last Roadblock. That was me! We were to interview our Race partner, asking at least 5 questions, and create a LO with photo. The LO had to contain supplies from two designers - no more, no less - and the color scheme must consist mainly of 2 colors, with minor accent colors allowed. Here is the information on my LO:

Materials used:

Paper: “Winter Chill” by Andrea Victoria for www.designerdegitals.com
Acrylic Words & Title Tag: “Cool Comfort” by Lyndsay Riches for www.inspiration-lane.com
Interview Font: Arial
Title Font: CKPrint by Creative Keepsakes


1. What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel and why?
I would probably say driving is my favorite mode because you get to see more of the country that way, your agenda is your own (stopping where and when you want), free to sing along with the radio without fear of injuring my neighbor's ears, and more room to spread out. Plus you don't spend a lot of your precious vacation time waiting around in airports.

2. To where have you traveled?
I have traveled in and through 29 of the 50 states: South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, and of course Iowa. In addition, we have visited Mexico (Puarto Vallarta and Cozumel); San Juan, Puerto Rico; Cayman Islands; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Belize; St. Thomas, USVI; St. Maarten; Antigua; Nassau, Bahamas; Dominica; Barbados; St. Lucia, WI; St. Kitts, WI; Aruba; and Barbados.

3. What has been your favorite place you have visited so far and why?
That's a hard one. Anywhere I am, as long as my DH is there with me, is a great time. But to choose one would be probably Purto Vallarta or our wine country trip to California.

4. Where would you like to go if time and money were no barrier?

5. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
Lots of photography opportunities, beautiful scenery, and opportunity for relaxation.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Challenge 9 - Generations

You'll notice I'm leaving it for Debbie to explain what each challenge is requiring. She does such a good job! I have a studio photo of my 5 generations but I choose to use 5 separate photos - each photo was taken of the subject at approximately 18 yrs. of age. The photo of Gospava, my grandmother was actually her wedding picture and she was 14 yrs old. But the rest of us are all very close to 18. In the journaling I gave everyone's year of birth. Both my grandmother and mother passed away more than 12 years ago.

Credits for this layout are as follows:
Paper & Lace: "Old Time Lovers" by Laithe
Leather Frame: by Marcee J. Dugger for www.digitalscrapbookplace.com
Metal buttons: "Botanist Notebook, Vol. 1" by Katie Pertiet, www.digitaldesigns.com
Shoe w. flowers: "Roses in Winter" by Linda Rechtin for www.digitalscrapbookplace.com
Journaling card: "Family Ties" CD by Digital Scrapbook Memories
Font: Lucida Handwriting

Sunday, February 1, 2009

QueenShakeNBake's Challenge 9 Layout

KB and Friends sponsored the 9th stop of the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race 4. Each racer had to complete this challenge. The theme for this challenge is Generations.

The scrapbook page must include:
  • Photos of at least two generations of family members (the more generations, the better). KB and Friends specializes in vintage and retro-style scrapbooking kits, we we were encouraged to dig out those old family photos.
  • Lace.
  • Something metal, preferably, old metal.
  • At least one flower.
  • At least one vintage or retro-style element. It can be epherma (I still don't really understand what this means but it keeps popping up on all these challenges).
I scrapped a five generation photo taken in Vermillion, South Dakota on April 27, 2003, when the Jorgenson family gathered to celebrate Grandma Mabel's 107th birthday. In this photo is my husband's grandmother, father, our daughter, and her twin girls.

Grandma Mabel lived alone in her own home until shortly before this picture was taken. Her daughter Evelyn lived next door. Grandma drove her own car until she was 96 years old.

Supplies used in this layout were:
Nicole Young's Mocha Latte Love Kit: harlequin fabric and moca dot papers; brown stitching corner and old frame elements

Jan Hicks_SSEmbells_Lace2_Thin_2

Melissa Renfroe's Well Loved kit embellishments: Rusty heart, staple, and journal

Karen Heckathorn's Romantic Notions Peeled Girl flowers

Font: Times New Roman

Layout based on template by Erica Hite: DLTmplt_Snippets1