Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hi, this is Debbie (Queen Shake-N-Bake), one-half of the "Two Digi Scrapping Chicks from Iowa." We are first time participants in the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race Season 4.

This is an Internet digital scrapping game based on the TV reality show, "The Amazing Race." As I understand it, Judy and I will be competing as a team and will "traverse the digital scrapping world, site by site, completing challenges and collecting prizes along the way." (This is from "The Amazing Digi Scrapping Race Season 4 blog at If we complete the week's challenges in the time frame allotted, we move on to the next week where we will collect more prizes.

If we travel around the digiworld and complete each and every challenge, at the end of the race we will be entered into a drawing for a grand prize.

Stay tuned. I can hardly wait.

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