Thursday, January 29, 2009

American Idol Info

I've posted some more information on Jeremy's American Idol audition along with video here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Challenge 8 - Stars & Dreams

This is my layout for Challenge 8: Johnny had sent me the darling pictures taken on Cookie Decorating Day with the grandkids and was gracious enough to allow me to use them in my LO. I was in the process of composing a little ditty to put on the left side of the LO instead of the holly branch but I couldn't quite get it together. The first part went like this: "The cookies are made, time to head off for bed. May Christmas dreams dance through your heads." See what I mean? I'm sure no poet. Thought I'd just better leave it out. Hence the holly branch for balance. This was a relatively easy LO to think up, came into my head almost immediately that I wanted to use Johnny's photos. I was able to find a layout I felt comfortable "scraplifting" very quickly, too.

Challenge 8 Sponsored by

The eighth stop on the race was at Because a lot of the individuals at Oscraps are "totally excited about the new season of American Idol" they decided to make their own version...Scrapping Idol.

The challenge was to scraplift a layout from the gallery of our scrappiing idol. I have chosen a layout from Kathleen 08's gallery at Digital Scrapbook Place. Kathleen just happens to be spotlighted this month. I chose this layout to scaplift.

Other requirements of this challenge included using a star somewhere on the layout (I used a star paper as one of my mats plus two stars to hold my pictures). In addition, had to use the word DREAM somewhere on the layout.

Journaling reads: "In August 2004, Jeremy won the title of Iowa Idol. As part of his prize package, he won a trip to Las Vegas and automatic audition for American Idol. He didn't make it but still remains our Idol."

Supplies used were:
From "Swing on a Star" kit by Ziggle Designs and Pineapple Plantations Designs:
Papers: doodle_stars; orange_solid; blue_solid; and edge_overlay
Embellishments: Ribbons Stripe, Blue Dot, and Green; tied_stars; Stars: blue and brown; and star bow



Sunday, January 25, 2009

I choose to use this photo because I thought Kendra's ski jacket & pants were a perfect color to kind of pop out over the darker burgundy color.  Andrea was kind enough to post a bunch of pictures from their ski trip to Colorado onto her Facebook site so I could grab them for scrapping.  Thank you, Andrea!  Lots of very good photos that I'm sure you will see more of in my layouts.

Information for this layout: Pine Tree Branch: “Camp Walk” kit by Katie the Scrapbook Lady
All other embellishments and paper: “Sunrise Special” by Andrea Cox,
Font: Copperplate

Challenge 7 Sponsored by Sunshine Studio Scraps

Sunshine Studio Scraps was the 7th stop in the Amazing Digital Scrapping Race. This is a normal challenge so each racer must complete this challenge to move on. They provided us with a freebie kit, Sunrise Special. It contains two papers, a ribbon, chipboard tag, two flower ribbons in different colors, a chicken, and a button. We are to make a layout using everything in the freebie. We can recolor, resize, etc. as long as we use it all in some way. We could also use other products in addition to this freebie.

I based this layout on a template, 49 Square, from Hummie. I used the Sunrise Special kit from Shawnery Mathis' "Messy Textures 4: #13" from Fonts used were Trajan Pro; DJB Erica; and CK Fluid

The quote around the mats is:
Only to children children sing,
Only to youth will spring be spring.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge 6 Sponsored by Inspiration Lane

The next stop on the Amazing DigiScrap Race was at Inspiration Lane. This leg of the race was a ROAD BLOCK which meant only one of us particpated. I had to choose a layout from Judy's gallery and scraplift it using the following direction:

Take your chosen layout from your partners gallery and flip it either horizontally or vertically.
Now take the layout and rotate it 45 degrees.
You must use this "new" version as the sketch for your layout.
When creating your layout you must use the EXACT same number of items that your partner used in the original layout, no more, no less.

I chose this layout of Judy's:

I flipped it horizontally and then rotated it 45 degrees counter clockwise. I counted five items on Judy's layout: background paper, 2nd piece of paper, photo, journaling, and swirls.

Here is what I came up with:

Supplies used:
Amanda Resende and Dunia Stella Acauan's Lets Go! kit:
paper-01 (clipped to Border07 JM from Cottage Arts)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Judy's Challenge 5

Information for Challenge 5

Paper: “Euphoria” by Amanda Sak
White Frame: “Moments of Sweetness” by Maelia
Cardboard Frame: “Old Treasures” - Erika
Bottom Frame: “Vintage Frames - #14” by Katie Pertiet
Magnifying Glass: “Old Treasures” - Erika
Pocket watch: “Old Treasures” - Erika
Flower spray: “Histories Naturelles” kit - Fanette
Font (throughout): Copperplate

Journaling reads:

Retirement would be more fun if it happened when you were younger

Happy Hour is a Nap

I Miss:
Watching TV without Closed Captioning
Waking up refreshed instead of achy
Going up or down the stairs without a list

Debbie's Challenge #5

This challenge came from the digiVixen at Anita Stergiou Designs. I've never visited this site before but will be sure to visit again. The challenge was to create a layout that has no photos on it, but includes at least three different and separate photo frames. "Sometimes we have special thoughts, feelings and/or memories about a person or place or event or pet or whatever, but no photos. OR, we could be missing someone who has passed on or something that is no longer in our lives and would dearly love to be able to express that on a page."

When I read that, I thought Oh man (my grandson Luke's favorite phrase), I should have waited to do my layout about Jason until this week, but there was no way I was going to put myself through redoing that layout. But there is another person who has passed on that has been on my mind a lot lately, my brother Dennis, especially in light that his son and his wife had a baby a few days ago. So I decided to write him a letter. I never expected this race to make me reach deep down and journal about my feelings as I have had to do for a couple of these challenges.

The journaling reads:

Dear Denny,

I wanted to let you know that you are a Grandpa. I know you would have been so happy for James and Lindsey and I so wish you were here to meet her. They named her Ella Lorraine.

I miss you and think of you often. I miss our online chats and joint research projects. I have lost the zeal for genealogy since your passing as you were the only one really interested in what I found. Roger and I took up geocaching and when I’m out, I always think of you, knowing it would have been something you would have really loved.

The online Loghry Ledger that you started is still going strong. I will treasure the weekend we spent together at the Council Bluffs reunion forever and our trip home from California.

As you always ended your posts, Friends & Family Forever, Debbie

My brother and I were a great team. I was the family historian, collecting data on those who had gone before us, and he was the gatherer, finding family with the same name, rounding them up, creating a place on the Web for us to gather and share pictures, news, and history. The place he called the "Loghry Ledger" and it is hosted at We are still going strong. Denny would end each of his posts and email messages with his catch phrase, "Friends and Family Forever." His wife and son even put this on his stone.

The "Affinity" brush reads as follows: Affinity a state of relationship, a close connection, ...a natural attraction.

Supplies used:
Frame #1: EHI_SSPaper_Stitched_12x12_Border
Frame #2: cwils_foruntous_frame5
Frame #3: Brushed on Frames Clipping Masks by Lauren Bavin Layer_landscapeswirl
(Friends & Family Forever frame within a frame)

10 Naturals9 Paper12_CottageArts

Font: Bradley Hand ITC


Friday, January 16, 2009

Journaling reads:

My mother called them “The Boys”; I called them Uncle Dan and Uncle George. They were my heroes.

In December 1948, my parents moved us into a concrete block building they built for their new business. It became known in our family as “The Joint.” The building consisted of three rooms, a large “beer joint” area in the front half of the building and two rooms in the back for our apartment. The tiny living quarters consisted of a kitchen/eating area that also contained my daybed, and a bedroom for Mom and Dad with a bath attached.

That Christmas Eve both of my uncles were at the Joint playing shuffleboard while I watched. Finally, Mom made me go to bed, telling me Santa wouldn’t come as long as I was awake. Although I still wanted to believe in Santa, I was in kindergarten and had begun to hear whispering at school. I asked my uncles if Santa really existed. They assured me he did and promised to come get me so I could peek at Santa.

I was sound asleep when my uncles came rushing into the apartment waking me - Santa was here!  They bundled me up in my blanket and carried me outside into The Joints parking lot.  Santa was gone! “There he is!  See the sleigh?” they pointed high into the night sky. “See? See?”  But I couldn’t see the departing sleigh.  We started to go back inside but my uncles gasped and pointed to proof that Santa had really been there. In the new fallen snow were imprints of the sleigh runners, reindeer hooves and Santa’s boot prints.  That is why I believed in Santa for 2 more years.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would you hold my hand if I saw you in Heaven?

Challenge 4 was to complete a layout with at least three things artsy and/or altered AND you must journal something from your soul. This is something that still hurts to this day which I never talk about.

Journaling reads:
I have spent the majority of my life married to my best friend. We have been very happy and have been blessed with 2 fantastic children. We have also suffered the loss of a child. Our son Jason was stillborn almost 31 years ago. This was a very hard time for me, and I still grieve and think of him often. We were given a chance to hold him, but it wasn't long enough. I never got a picture of him as we didn't expect I would be delivering him when I went to the hospital on Easter Sunday in 1978. I recently saw an article about photographers who photograph for parents their babies that have died; the hospitals call the photographers who then come to the hospital and take pictures for the family. Oh how I wish they did that back then. His birthday, which he would have shared with my brother, is always a very hard day for me. I visit his grave on his birthday and take him flowers.

Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart, have you begging please…begging please

Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven

the little seeds collection #1, "Being Me" from Weeds & Wildflowers design :
Papers 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8
Splatter heart pink

Layer-roundscalloped Brush On Frames by Lauren Bavins at DSP

Brushes from


Atomic Cupcake Sponged Canvas Text (Title)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Keeping fingers crossed, I'm going to put in Challenge LO #1 in here.  Yay!  It worked!  Now if I could just figure how to put them where I want them - I'd be slicker than snail snot!

I'm learning a little at a time...

Okay, I'm going to try to put my ADSR4 Challenge layouts in this post.  Hope I can get it to work.

Challenge 3  We were supposed to take the first layout we ever published anywhere on the Web and rework it.  This was relatively easy since my very first posting was only in Dec. 2008 - not very long ago. Let me see if I can put the LO challenge 3 was built from.  

The blue layout was my "first" layout ever published.  In the process of adding this layout, I managed to wipe out the other 2 layouts I had put in.  So I will try to re-load them.  Okay, the lo with the light blue paper is my Challenge 3 entry.  Rather than try to get Challenge 1 in here, I'm going to publish this and open a new post for it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stop #3: Gotta Pixel

The third stop in the ADSR 4 race was over at Gotta Pixel. It was a regular stop, which means that both Judy and I have to do our own layout. The challenge was to find the first layout I created that is still uploaded to a gallery and scraplift it using techniques, trends, and concepts that I have learned since doing the original layout. My first layout was at Gotta Pixel back in August 2006. Since I did this layout, I had a hard drive crash and lost the original .PSD file AND the actual photo. For this challenge, I scanned my layout that I had printed. The photo is a less than desirable, but all in all, I am pleased with my remake.

Original Version:

For this layout, I made most of my elements and all of my papers. The title "Family" was created by using Cooper Std font and then the Atomic Cupcake Chipboard action.

Flowers created using BHA_SS_Emb_PressPetal1_Aquilegia
Leaves created using BHA_SS_Emb_PressPetal1_Leaves
String bow created using FafBr_String_Bow action

Bradley Hand ITC

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Challenge 2 - Intersection

This was a tough challenge - mostly because it had to be so precise! I need to get my Challenge 1 layout posted here - not exactly sure how to do that...

Guess I'll have to call Deb again! Poor woman must have blisters on her ear, I know I do!

ADSR 4 2nd Intersection

Well Loved by Melissa Renfro collection: (1) Brown ; (2) Cream (blended with Sarah Betdorf's SSPaper_FmlyBrnch_12x12_Crdstck); (3) Brown Plaid; and (4) Light Brown

3 Frames: dunia-acrylicaddicted-frame4 and KPertiet_stacked vintage frames
3 Well Loved Stars
6 MRE_WellLoved_Emb_Bradsquare
2 MRE_WellLoved_Emb_RustyHinge
1 Photo Wrap created using FafBr_Simple_Bow_action and light brown paper
1 paper craft doll journaling block
1 cookie sticker
1 MRE_WellLoved_Emb_StitchStraight

LD Phat used for title
Cambria for journaling

Journaling reads:

1.       Go outside & play, dressed for weather
2.       If its snowy, make snow angels, snow puppets, snowmen
3.       Nap
4.       Play Legos, Wii or board games
5.       Make cookies
6.       Nap
7.       Make things out of construction paper
8.       Play with your cat or dog
9.       Nap
10.   Build a hideout from sofa cushions
11.   Read a book
12.   Nap

We worked via phone and email, with both supplying photos and ideas. Debbie did the LO; Judy provided artistic guidance and journaling. Our original plan had been to get together today at Judy's and work together but Mother Nature interfered with a surprising amount of snow (the weatherman messed up again).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The 2nd Intersection of the ADSR 4 Race

Judy and I have to work together on the 2nd intersection of this race. We will get together in a couple days to create it. Stay tuned to see what we come up with. It has to have four papers, not 3 or 5; three photos, eight unique elements, and the theme is Cabin Fever.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So how does this race thing work?

From the official rules:

Subsequent challenges will be posted each Sunday and Tuesday, with Challenge Two posted on Tuesday, January 6. 2009. Both weekly challenges must be completed by midnight Eastern the following Sunday to qualify to continue in the Race. Each participating site will host a single challenge, but the rotation, dates and challenges are a secret until they are officially posted. The links to the challenges will be posted on the ADSR Blog as soon as possible. You can also "stalk" the known sites and keep your eyes peeled for challenges before they're posted on the blog.

A challenge is considered complete when:
1. The challenge(s) have been completed by both teammates, unless otherwise noted, according to the challenge rules,
2. The challenge(s) are posted to each Racer’s main gallery, and
3. Each racer has posted a link to their official layout in this thread. Each team will have their own thread, based on their team number. As you post your layouts to the NDISB Gallery, please post a new reply in your thread with the link to those galleries. No need to send e-mail now. And each partner may post to the thread as they post their layout. BUT - BOTH POSTS NEED TO BE BEFORE THE DEADLINE! To eliminate confusion, we have posted a clock in the upper left-hand corner of the ADSR Blog with the time in New York..

Everyone who has completed Week One will qualify to continue racing during Week Two, and the fun begins all over again. THERE IS NO JUDGING, AND THE ONLY WAY TO BE ELIMINATED IS TO FAIL TO COMPLETE THE WEEK'S CHALLENGES.

We are off!

We are off. It is 2:11 a.m. and I have stayed up to complete our first challenge. I hope I did everything right. If not, hopefully someone will tell me.

The first challenge was from Hummie (almost a neighbor to the Des Moines Digi Chicks in Missouri) and we are to rip and tear a photo into three or more pieces and use journaling on the layout. This is a challenge to be completed by both racers.

Supplies I used in this layout:
Karen Heckathorne's A Christmas Story kit--papers: little dots, stripes, stars, and big dots; Elements: stocking, Peace on Earth sticker, elf, girl sitting, and bear gift

Atomic Cupcake Wild Tear
Atomic Cupcake Simple Tear
Fonts: DJB Erika; LD Beatnik

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Less than 14 hours to the kick off for ADSR 4

It's a little 14 hours before the kick off for ADSR 4 and I am beginning to get scared of what I've got myself and Judy into. I saw one of the challenges from last year and oh my. I then found the "Can You Scrap This? The MOTHER Of ALL Challenges!!" over at NDISB and thought I'd give it a try to get warmed up for the Race.

Created for the January Can You Scrap This Challenge @ NDISB!!

Requirements were to scrap a photo of my Christmas Tree and place it in a box of some sort….

Fill your box with goodies along with your photo….The ONLY elements on your page MUST be in the box with your photo

Use TWO Papers….

Use ONE Word Art of some sort…..

No Frame

No Ribbons or Wraps

Supplies used: Cream and Red background papers: Amanda Sok; Box and net: Verena Karolyi Beaut Feminine Kit; Leaves: Verena Karolyi Brr Its Cold Outside kit--leaves 02 Carolers; gift tags, and word art: Linda Jacobsen