Saturday, January 10, 2009

ADSR 4 2nd Intersection

Well Loved by Melissa Renfro collection: (1) Brown ; (2) Cream (blended with Sarah Betdorf's SSPaper_FmlyBrnch_12x12_Crdstck); (3) Brown Plaid; and (4) Light Brown

3 Frames: dunia-acrylicaddicted-frame4 and KPertiet_stacked vintage frames
3 Well Loved Stars
6 MRE_WellLoved_Emb_Bradsquare
2 MRE_WellLoved_Emb_RustyHinge
1 Photo Wrap created using FafBr_Simple_Bow_action and light brown paper
1 paper craft doll journaling block
1 cookie sticker
1 MRE_WellLoved_Emb_StitchStraight

LD Phat used for title
Cambria for journaling

Journaling reads:

1.       Go outside & play, dressed for weather
2.       If its snowy, make snow angels, snow puppets, snowmen
3.       Nap
4.       Play Legos, Wii or board games
5.       Make cookies
6.       Nap
7.       Make things out of construction paper
8.       Play with your cat or dog
9.       Nap
10.   Build a hideout from sofa cushions
11.   Read a book
12.   Nap

We worked via phone and email, with both supplying photos and ideas. Debbie did the LO; Judy provided artistic guidance and journaling. Our original plan had been to get together today at Judy's and work together but Mother Nature interfered with a surprising amount of snow (the weatherman messed up again).

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