Thursday, March 31, 2011

Challenge 2: Peekaboo Family Inspiration Challenge

Challenge 2 is sponsored by and was a fast forward, which we didn't even try to attempt. 

For this challenge we had to select two background papers, one for the very back and another one for the top. We had to resize, tilt, et c., this front paper so that the back paper was visible. We chose one photo for the layout and crop it to 3" by 3" and place this either in the center of the page or somewhat off the center if you choose.

Next we had to use a shape tool to add at least three shapes of any s hape above the top paper layer and then delete these shapes so the bottom layer showed through.  I used a heart shape near the upper left-hand corner of my framed picture.

We had to journal about someone in our family that is an inspiration to you.  Journaling was to be between 25 and 50 words.  Then end up clustering around the photo.
Journaling reads:  My dad influenced me in many ways. He carried half of my genetic makeup and played a huge part of who I became, motivating me to face the world with courage, acted as a support pillar, guided me to stand independent, and was the role model for the man I chose for my husband.

Supplies used:   Cinzia's Hello Spring kit, part of the The Digi files in March, Paisley Press's Adorned kit, an exclusive digital kit created for Tiffany Tillman's 25 days of templates class. 

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