Saturday, March 13, 2010

Challenge 10 -- Inspiration

Judy and I selected supplies we both had for this layout. I created my "half" and sent the flattened JPG to Judy who then created her portion and sent the completed 8x8 layout to me as another JPG. I added the title.

We used the following supplies:

* Font for journaling: Georgia
* Font used for title: Impact with Fanette's A New Day pp_13 clipped to it along with fill and bevel style
* LivE designs Warm Wuv soft hugs blank round tag
* Glitter from Fanette's Romantic Fantasy kit (element10)
* Paper: Fanette's A New Day pp_11
* Fanette A New Day frame elem31
* Fanette A New Day fastener elem33
* Fanette A New Day dangle elem35
* Fanette A New Day flower elem68
* Fanette A New Day ribbon elem12
* Fanette A New Day ric rak elem19
* Fanette A New Day heart elem21

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