Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Judy's Bucket List

Sorry it wasn't readable so I'll just paste the list in here.

1. Visit Alaska to complete all 50 states.
2. Ride our motorcycle to Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida to complete
all 48 states by bike.
3. Hold my first Great-Grandchild.
4. Dance at my oldest Grand-daughter’s wedding.
5. See my oldest child settled & safe.
6. Complete my file cabinet purge.
7. Build a bookcase all by myself.
8. Dispose of 1/3 of my clothes.
9. Get new Will made.
10. Complete my college decree.
11. Get my marriage blessed.
12. Ride a zip line.
13. Go to Paris again for at least a week.
14. Take a train through the Rocky Mountains.
15. Obtain my Italian citizenship (dual with. US).
16. Visit Lucito, Italy, to meet cousins still there.
17. Fall asleep at night within sound of ocean or sea.
18. Explore the inside of a semi-truck tractor.
19. Tour the antebellum mansions in Louisiana.
20. Visit Ellis Island.
21. Be more faithful to my blog.
22. Vacation for a month in Ireland.
23. Spend a whole day wandering through the Louvre.
24. Get cushion covers made for Melinda.
25. Get back into my exercise routine!
26. Spend at least a week on the Island of Kauai with my DH.
27. Finish scanning family photos.
28. Have family slides scanned to DVD.
29. Take my poor, deprived DH to Disneyland or World.
30. Ride the motorcycle on the Circle Tour around Lake Superior.
31. Hire a regular cleaning service.
32. Clean out & purge the storage room.
33. Replace carpet with hardwood throughout house (allergies).
34. Purge hobby stuff.
35. Visit Cherrye and Martha in Italy.
36. Have our deck cleaned and re-sealed.
37. Do regular house maintenance so it will be ready for market when we down-
38. Win the HGTV Dream Home so we can sell it & move to Italy.
39. Live in Italy for several months or maybe years.
40. Get our piles of books under control.
41. Read Robert Tanndenbaum’s Butch Karp series again.
42. Travel – any where!
43. Buy my Mac Power Book Pro with maximum RAM to scrap on the GO!!.
44. Meet author John Sandford (John Camp).
45. Have entire house re-wired for the 21st century.
46. Replace my electric stove with gas stove.
47. Knock out dining wall to make a big, reconfigured kitchen with eating space.
48. Be a foster home for ASPCA cats/kittens.
49. Make cremation arrangements.

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