Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Debbie's bucket list

I used Digital Artisan Guild's Autumn Reprieve kit. Journaling is:

Go horseback riding on a beach * reach my ideal weight and maintain it * get in shape * visit Italy * learn to ballroom dance * visit all 50 states* cruise to Alaska * take a family cruise with children and grandchildren * vacation at Disney World with family * ride RAGBRAI * ride in a hot air balloon * go on a helicopter ride * go snorkeling in a shipwreck * see the Northern Lights * visit Denmark * visit Ireland * participate in Mardi Gras in New Orleans * visit Times Square and New York City * see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom in Washington DC * improve my photography skills * spend more time with my family * form a neighborhood association * see the Vatican in Rome * watch my grandchildren grow * declutter my life * surround myself with things I love, and get rid of things I do not use or need * buy a weekend retreat * appreciate what I have * see all the light houses in the U.S. * let my hair go gray naturally * find the perfect hair cut * publish a book of my genealogy * visit wineries in all 50 states * drive a Thunderbird * laugh until I cry * help a stranger * see something majestic that makes me cry * experience a sunset * go stargazing * win a lottery * visit a volcano * visit a castle in England * visit the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington * vacation with all my grandchildren without parents * own a vineyard and make wine from it * win a photography contest * grow old with Roger * kiss on top of the Empire State Building * be a role model * visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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