Friday, February 6, 2009

Challenge 10 - Interview

Challenge was another "Roadblock" which means that only one of us had to actually produce a LO for the Challenge and it had to be the team mate who sat out the last Roadblock. That was me! We were to interview our Race partner, asking at least 5 questions, and create a LO with photo. The LO had to contain supplies from two designers - no more, no less - and the color scheme must consist mainly of 2 colors, with minor accent colors allowed. Here is the information on my LO:

Materials used:

Paper: “Winter Chill” by Andrea Victoria for
Acrylic Words & Title Tag: “Cool Comfort” by Lyndsay Riches for
Interview Font: Arial
Title Font: CKPrint by Creative Keepsakes


1. What is your favorite mode of transportation when you travel and why?
I would probably say driving is my favorite mode because you get to see more of the country that way, your agenda is your own (stopping where and when you want), free to sing along with the radio without fear of injuring my neighbor's ears, and more room to spread out. Plus you don't spend a lot of your precious vacation time waiting around in airports.

2. To where have you traveled?
I have traveled in and through 29 of the 50 states: South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, and of course Iowa. In addition, we have visited Mexico (Puarto Vallarta and Cozumel); San Juan, Puerto Rico; Cayman Islands; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Belize; St. Thomas, USVI; St. Maarten; Antigua; Nassau, Bahamas; Dominica; Barbados; St. Lucia, WI; St. Kitts, WI; Aruba; and Barbados.

3. What has been your favorite place you have visited so far and why?
That's a hard one. Anywhere I am, as long as my DH is there with me, is a great time. But to choose one would be probably Purto Vallarta or our wine country trip to California.

4. Where would you like to go if time and money were no barrier?

5. What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
Lots of photography opportunities, beautiful scenery, and opportunity for relaxation.

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