Monday, February 16, 2009

Challenge 12

I forgot to post our layout for challenge 12. It was sponsored by {we are} storytellers and was an intersection, meaning Judy and I had to collaborate on one project. Here's the nitty gritty of this challenge: create a layout that expresses what storytelling means to each of us. Why did we each choose this form (scrapbooking in general and/or digital specifically) to tell our stories? Why is storytelling important? How do we feel about storytelling (is it a creative outlet, way to express your words, document your family's experiences, etc.) Why are we a storyteller? (We didn't have to answer all these questions, they were just food for thought and to give us an idea as to what we are looking for.)

Our story must include:

  • {we are} storytellers word-art, which was provided by the host site. We could alter the word-art if we wanted
  • At least 1/2 of the layout must be journaling, more the better
  • At least 5 elements/embellishements
  • No more than 2 pieces of paper
  • Only 2 small photos, 1 of each of us, placed in the bottom right hand area of our page.

Debbie did the actual layout and Judy did the journaling and provided the journaling paper. While working on this layout, Debbie provided Judy several different layouts for her input and she provided guidance and suggestions on the final layout.

Journaling reads:

There is a huge tradition of story-telling from my mother’s side of my family and manifested in me. As a kid, I used to sit quietly under the kitchen table while my mom and her sisters and sisters-in-law told stories about growing up in the 1920s and 1930s. My blog is “Family Stories and More.” I create layouts to go with the stories.

Debbie has never considered herself a storyteller. She scraps to save the photos for others to enjoy – the journaling has always been secondary to the pictures. Even though she does not consider herself a storyteller, she is the family historian, collecting data and entering it into her database which in turn, prints out a narrative listing the information collected. Her approach to journaling is more in line with Sergeant Joe Friday of 1950s “Dragnet” fame: “Just the facts, Madame, just the facts.”

Where we come together is in the joy of digital scrapping. Our reasons are similar for choosing digital scrapping: our pictures are already in digital format on our computers; we don’t have to make a mess with all the traditional scrapbooking supplies; digital scrapping is more mobile; and we both love technology. In digital scrapping, we have found a way to satisfy us both in spite of our differing strengths. Those differences have served us well during ADSR4 and we plan to continue working together for ADSR5!

  1. {we are} storytellers word art from We are Storytellers
  2. Verena Karolyi Designs Beaute Feminine Kit: papers 1 (brown) and 2 (pink floral); vka_beaute_feminine_leave02 (used twice); vka_beaute_feminine_frame04; vka_beaute_feminine_flower01 (once); vka_beaute_feminine_flower03 (used twice); vka_beaute_feminine_ribbon_wrap01; vka_beaute_feminine_butterfly2
  3. Jesse Edwards journaling paper
  4. Fonts: Verdana and Old Century

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